Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Don't you ever have anything good to blog about?

I don't know why this question has been rolling around in my mind lately. But I took a trip down memory lane via my previous posts, and WOW!!! Just WOW, I'm surprised I have ANY readers at all (and quite thankful for the ones I DO have!!).

Then it occurred to me that between having a substance abuser in my life (via prescription drug abuse who has subsequently gotten the BIG, FAT, BOOT OUT of my life!!), multiple surgeries/medical procedures, co-workers from the depths of a hell hotter than a zillion suns, grad school, all combined with raising a kid, it's no wonder I haven't had a good ol' fashioned nervous breakdown!!! But by the grace of God, I HAVE NOT!!!! And I'm feeling pretty good to boot! :)

But those old posts DID remind me that there are some VERY good people at my current job who really make going there delightful (they just don't happen to be in my immediate group, LOL!!!). First, there's the Korean PhD scientist who, pardon me, is as fine as all get out! I mean cool hair, clothes, glasses, swagger, and SMART as hell!! And he just happens to ALWAYS take time out of his busy schedule to talk science with me (he also used to run the histo division of my company, so we have a LOT to talk about). So about 3 or so months ago, I jokingly told him that I was an honorary member of his group, who I ironically have lunch with 2-3 times/week. And when they go to happy hour (yes, you read that right), I get the invite to go too, much to the dismay of the "haters, especially the bovine one" in my group, LOL!! But politically speaking, I couldn't be in a worse situation since he and my supv's relationship is, how shall we say, strained?? I already mentioned that my supv with the female supv tendencies, is REAL insecure so much that he and I rarely sit at the scope to discuss cases with him anymore. Anyway this is supposed to be a positive post, so let me move on, LOL!!! So cool Korean dude's group is not surprisingly, the best group in my division and I think a large part of that is how well he treats his subordinates. I mean these folks are "develop new animal model for a disease and publish it" smart and soooooooooo very cool to work with which I do a great deal (I also sit next to 2 of 3 of them so that helps). Clearly, I just get along really, really, really, REALLY well with super smart people, LOL!!!

So I guess that just about wraps up anything good I have to say about my current gig, ROTFLMBO!! Okay I'm kidding, the place still has that southern "speak to folks in the hallway flavor" that I love so much and I also enjoy convo's with the mostly Latino cleaning staff and cafeteria workers. And I befriended a lady who rode with me to NC over Christmas, so there really HAS been a LOT of good in my current situation.

Either that, or I've become a master lemonade maker!


  1. Life is ... what it is, Path. All of us experience stress and dealing with health issues on top of it is something that I understand all too well unfortunately. Keep on keepin' on, my friend.

  2. Thanks you Kris, your words mean more than I could EVER say!