Saturday, April 14, 2012

Life is a roller coaster, so hold onto your lunch!

So I'm looking for a Google image showing and peaks and valleys, and a pic of a half naked woman comes up referring to her various body parts as "peaks and valleys". Oh well, I guess you gotta LOVE the internet, LOL!!!

Back to real peaks and valleys, I learned yesterday that my Supv, the one that a few months ago gave me the BEST eval I'd EVER received, has been complaining to HIS Supv about me. Put another way, it seriously appears he's trying to get me outta there!(I told ya' he is a bee-oytch!!). It also turns out that his barely minimally competent and HIGHLY insecure a$$ is on the SERIOUS hot seat, as in "this company didn't have a pathologist for the last 7 or so years and did just fine, so they may not need him", hot seat!!! So it seems to me that he's just looking for someone to blame HIS lack of productivity on. Of course another of HIS problems is that he and sexy smart Korean dude don't get along that well professionally speaking, and it's obvious to anyone with eyes that that the smart guy makes him feel insecure. Anyhoo, I found all this out after I made an appointment to see HIS Supv last Thursday, following yet another seriously unprofessional interaction with Mr. Insecure, where he among MANY other things, called my work crap, LITERALLY, in front of a group of people when I disagreed with him on my results. THE EXACT SAME WORK SMART DUDE AND I THOUGHT WAS PROMISING. Yeah I know neither I nor the smart guy are trained Pathologists, but apparently neither is my Supv, at least not in a research setting, LOL!!! I mean, I've rarely been able to go to him about ANYTHING technical relating to any of the troubleshooting I do, which is why I ended up in the Smart guy's office in the first place. Well, I guess I'll know more on Monday where things stand, but one thing is clear whether or not anyone at my company recognizes it, which it kinda seems they do. Between smart dude, bovine, and myself, we could all get along just fine without a minimally competent Pathologist whose insecurities and knowledge base make him highly ineffective IMHO.

Moving on to VERY positive news, I got another invite from a DO school to visit their school, learn more about their programs, and have my impending apps reviewed by an admissions officer. And if I didn't have to go across country to do that, I probably would take them up on their offer!! I'm also being considered for a Bioinformatics fellowship which would cover half my tuition costs in addition to a stipend. But I'd have to enroll full-time which I hadn't planned on doing, but that's okay. I'm riding the wave of life these days because most times it's just easier to go with the flow rather than trying to fight the waves! Finally, I have a job interview next Friday doing Bioinformatics out of state that I'm going to have to pray REAL hard about. The position is way down South which if you've been reading for a while is not my ideal place to live, but the money is fantastic as are the educational opportunities for both me and my kid. So again, I'll be in deep pray about my VERY bight future and that's probably the best thing I could be doing anyway! :)

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