Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I'm sorry, and other surprises!

So I had my meeting with my Supv's Supv, and it went surprisingly well! You know it's funny for me to look back on the last 5 or so years of my life, at all the obstacles to success, and realize that ultimately EVERYTHING that happened was a purposely placed part of God's path for my life thus far. And "brain-lite" jobs aside, I'm happier now in this moment than I've EVER been in my adult life! There's just something about knowing with every ounce of your being that not only is everything going to be alright, more than that everything is wonderful:

Back to my meeting, I was concerned going in not just because I wasn't sure what my Supv had told her about me, but because this is the same woman that called me defensive for disagreeing with her about something on my poster (I blogged about it previously). Since that time, I've come to realize that she's quite astute not just about her science (though NOT about what she thought was wrong on my poster, LOL),but politically speaking as well. And she doesn't impress me as the type to kiss booty to get to where she is with this company. Anyhoo, she specifcially requested I work on a BIG project (think IND) so for the time being I'm going to be staying where I am. For now anyway, it turns out that she had NO IDEA how extensive my research/educational background is (and perhaps that's why she was so taken aback when I defended my work to her). And I was sure to be clear that I'm making plans to permanently move OUT of the lab and develop my background in Bioinformatics. To my GREAT surprise, not only did she give me the name of a contact person at our company who does Bioinformatics, she suggested that I could transfer to that other Scientist's group AFTER I finish her project since there will be a Bioinformatics position opening in the next 6 months.

Needless to say, I was pretty happy after the meeting because she seems to have a lot of faith in my work and who wouldn't be happy about that? Speaking of that, I had a meeting today with the Sexy Korean Dude (SKD from now on, LOL!) and it occurred to me that he is really, really, in my corner professionally speaking. I just get the feeling that he's going to give me every single idea he has to make my work exemplary and I don't have words for how appreciative I am for that given my relationship (or lack there of), with my own Supv. In other words, I FINALLY have that mentor EVERYONE needs no matter where they are in their career at this company!!!

Other surprises so far this week include the half-assed apology my Supv gave me a couple days ago for his PMS like outburst last week. Whatever, I'm going to work with all I have to perfect ignoring him when he's on his "cycle", and keeping cranking out the good data as I'm doing!!!


  1. Probably one of the greatest lessons that I've learned over the last few years, path, is that it doesn't matter what other people think/say. In my own work at various Universities I experienced a lot of what you have described through the years. At some point, I just realized that this is how it is and that people really do sometimes suck ... and often, they're awesome. I don't use any more of my emotional energy thinking about the jerks. It's not worth it. They will always be there. It's so much calmer for me now that I focus on myself and my passions/interests and ignore/don't give mental space to those who might bring me down.

    Medical school, residency and the practice of medicine will be the same as now believe it or not. It won't be the escape route. My husband has been in practice now for well over ten years and there are hospital politics, snarky nurses and doctors, unhappy patients and all kinds of mess.

    I think getting through life without letting this behavior get you down is about rising above and focusing on your life ... the haters will still hate, the politics will still be there ... but you won't have to let it get to you.


  2. Hey Kris, thank you for your comment and as usual, it was right on point!!! You know it's strange that somewhere during the last 7 or so years, I lost my ability to "step over poo" and in retrospect, I feel I've spent waaaayyyy too much time trying to walk through it without coming out on the other side smelling like it! I mean how crazy is that?? The good news for me is that I recognize "the games" and have found productive and positive ways of getting through it all! And it ALL started with me saying to myself, "all ya'll crazy folks can kiss my butt, I'm gonna do my job well and with a BIG smile on my face no matter how evil YOU choose to be!" And this new attitude is doing wonders in EVERY aspect of my life! Yeah me!!! :)