Saturday, June 9, 2012

From Bioinformatics to Health Informatics?

The week since my last post has been pure hell especially on my job. I've read my deceased cat's autopsy report (metastatic cancer), hired an attorney for my job situation, tried to recapitulate my life there over the past almost year which isn't easy, and have also been rethinking changing my current career focus from Bioinformatics to clinical/medical Informatics.

Here again is yet another opportunity I had offered about 2 years ago to learn EPIC which is the software which runs clinical information at a significant number of hospitals, but at that time it would have required a move back to NC which I wasn't feeling. Funny what a difference 2 years makes, I'd seriously consider that change now especially in light of what's going on in my current job situation where I was told by an HR rep that my pursuit of contesting Mr. Insecure's final warning to me would be a "loose, loose" situation for me. Well I guess it's a good thing my attorney see's otherwise, what can I say yet again I KNEW before I took this gig it would be a disaster (see previous posts from Aug 2011).

Then I think about the first Black graduate of one of the military academies who was silenced for 4 years by his classmates while he was there and by silenced I mean that NONE of his classmates said a word to him the entire 4 years he was there. I also think about my grandmother who desperately wanted to finish high school in 1920, but it was against the law for Black students to attend the nearest high school so she ended up being a maid for white families instead until she started her own family. Or the many, many, MANY other struggles of people of color who've had to deal with seemingly insurmountable obstacles and who did JUST that. OVERCAME!!!

I too will overcome, in the spirit of many others who look like me and have done the same!! More than that, there are so many people all over the world dealing with FAR bigger issues than I am, so I'm going to choose to fall back on my faith, stop the worrying, and let God handle the rest!

Just a note to my readers that I probably won't be posting much over the next months or so while I deal with things in my personal life and make some decisions/adjustments to my current professional goals. But be back I will, hopefully with updates on how my efforts towards med school admission are going!


  1. Again sorry for the loss of your precious pet. Your kitty was a real beauty! My cat recently turned 17. I 've had him since he was a wee 2 months old. I am not looking forward to his departing this life but know that death is a part of life. I've sort of been an "anonymous" reader but just love your blog and have seen other insightful commentary you have given on some other premedical sites I believe. I enjoy your commentary and have never been nor detected offense. You were great. Hang in there with things. I just know things will be happy for you considerably once you are in medical school (or graduate school) full time. I've been following your story and wanted to wish you sincere congratulations on making it through the MCAT! You did it! I hope one day to have the courage to confront this exam. I'm a non trad "premed" like yourself and know what an isolating, lonely road it can be. You are both so intelligent and inspiring. Don't let the bad stuff get you down. Keep going Future Doctor! Thank you for sharing your story. I just wanted to come out the shadows and let you know this.

  2. Thank you so much for taking time out to write such a heartfelt note! And you're so blessed to have your kitty for 17 years, that's a very long time to love a kitty!! Maybe my problem " child" will live a long time but if not, I'm certainly going to enjoy her( and her mischievous antics) for as long as I can.

    And about the MCAT, try to stay encouraged with the knowledge that you'll know when you're ready to take the next step and take the exam!!

    Again, my sincerest thanks for your message!!

  3. OMGosh I am touched after reading Anon's comment. ( I always read the comments as though they are a part of the post as well). I too admire you in your quest to attending med school full time. I am really rooting for you. It sucks that you have a job like that. The same thing happened to me last year, but I was blessed to get the job I currently have. I would have been stuck there still if I wasn't having problems with management and HR. But glory be to God I was looking for a job and found something in the medical field at my dream medical school. Not that that is a guarantee into medical school but it definitely helps me to stay focused and see what I am missing out by procrastinating. As the Word says, God will not be mocked, whatsoever a man sows that shall he also reaps. Keep sowing good things and you shall reap even greater things. God bless you! :)