Sunday, June 24, 2012

Taking care of me and being thankful!

This past week proved to be one of the most trying health wise that I've had in a long while, thanks to a trip to the ER due to my then out of control asthma. And in many ways I wasn't totally surprised since I've been under a tremendous amount of stress at work due to my decision to contest my soon to be former Supv (hear after known as ExSup) formally and in writing. There are MANY details I'd like to share but upon the advice of legal counsel I can't even on an "anonymous" blog, but what I will say is that someone made a bad decision to "muck" with me when it comes to my work.

Unfortunately, I ended up being out ALL last week which was so unusual for me because I normally do a real good job keeping my asthma under control and had never made a trip to the ER because of it in the 15 years since I'd been diagnosed until early Wednesday morning. And to think that earlier Tuesday afternoon, I'd gotten dressed to go to work and turned around when I was half-way there because I just wasn't feeling quite right! Surely, the job I currently have doesn't in ANY way deserve that kind of dedication from me for how I've been treated. But I'm not committed to my job to "please" the people I work for/with per se, I do it because that's part of my overall work ethic.

Moving right along, I applied for over 15 jobs during the time I was out and quickly came to the realization that maybe only 2 are in any way related to what I really want to do right now. Most of them were Lab Management positions, but the ones I'm most interested in are Cancer Research. I'm just praying one of these 2 comes through because of my obvious strong interest in cancer research and quite frankly, the money is right too. Most importantly, I could easily tie it into getting my Health/Medical Informatics (HMI) program paid for.

And that brings me to my next subject, Medical/Health Informatics. You may recall I'd previously mentioned joining the Association of Pathology Informatics (a related field) some time ago and being on their list serve has been one of the most educating experiences I've ever had. To "hear" the conversations of Physicians in academic settings discussing their issues as it relates to electronic health records (EHR's), using EPIC to track data, and CernerPath, a popular computer program used in Pathology labs, has been phenomenal and beyond cool! And it's occurred to me that my experiences in pathology, basic computer programming, data analysis, and in Bioinformatics have positioned me for a very rewarding career as a Physician who's trained in HMI. I envision using HMI to address disparities in cancer incidence and mortality and still desire going this route through an Internal Medicine/Oncology fellowship pathway. Yeah, that PhD is still among my goals too, LOL!!! Equally exciting is that I found some free on line courses in HMI on the internet to try out to make sure this is what I'm really interested in. And I'm pleased to say that I really enjoy it because unlike Bioinformatics, HMI is much more patient oriented which fits in with my decision to pursue a clinical field of medicine. My Bioinformatics background is simply an added bonus!! I also contacted a top notch program about obtaining a certificate in the area (and whose medical school recruited me to apply, NO accident there, LOL), and the feed back I got was excellent! So, for the first time in a VERY long time, I feel deeply that I'm finally on that "track" for what I was looking for while I'm getting my kid ready to fly the nest. Work that is interesting, that has opportunities to address health issues that are important to me as a Black woman, and is in demand is about as good as it gets!

Now, all I need for God to do is to make that cancer gig come through ASAP, then I'll REALLY be in my way! So in the spirit of walking in faith, I'm going to claim that job NOW in His name!!!!!


  1. Not to sound bad or anything, but do you think all of this trouble you've been experiencing on your job might be due to you being in the wrong job? I am saying this because I have seen a few times where you have said you've been praying to God about your career and educational goals. Maybe all of this trouble and drama is due to Him trying to move you out of a place you're "stuck" in or not really ready to move from. Not that you're not, but you know sometimes we want something but we're not moving or stepping out on faith so we stay in that place until something better comes along or we're waiting for God to move when He has already worked everything out and just waiting on us to make OUR next move. God is continually working behind the scenes. He's already planned out our life before the world was even formed. How amazing is that. So with that being said, I think this is a new move from God and Him trying to move you into the direction that you need to be in and it only took trouble for you to make that move. You said in your last post that you really didn't want to take the job and God knew you weren't meant to be there so He allowed you to be there only for so long so that He could move you to where you need to be. God has a permissive will but He also answers prayers, so look at it as your prayers are finally being answered no matter how stubborn we may be or our lack of seeing past our present situation. Be not offended please, I am not trying to attack or anything just felt the need to write this to you. I honestly don't talk this much.


    1. This post is one of the reasons why I blog, because words like these are helpful for anyone who reads them and I'm VERY grateful you've taken the time to write them. By now you've read ahead an know that things have finally falling into place for me, but your words are so very true for so many people. And when I think about it, I realize that part of the reason some people are hard to work with is because they are themselves very unhappy with some aspect of their life, usually their workplace life. And given that we spend more time on our jobs than in any other activity, it makes since.

      Thanks again for your words of wisdom and PLEASE continue to post comments like these! They are greatly appreciated!!!