Wednesday, September 26, 2012

September 2012's 10 for the road!!

1) Life is still really, really wonderful!!!

2) If my teenaged daughter "eye balls" me again, she's gonna end up eyeball-less and I'm gonna end up daughter-less!!!

3) It's starting to look like I'll be back at the NIH by the end if the year. Yeah for full-funding in a lab with equipment that works and isn't older than I am.

4) My September 11th birthday was odd this year for the first time since 9/11/01. :(

5) We've chosen a name for the next feline addition to the family. Now all we have to agree on is the type/color.

6) I'm doing my first PCR reaction in years as I type this post. Hopefully, the first one is the charm!!

7) Somehow I ended up behind in my Pythin course and I'm spinning my wheels trying to get back on track. Yep, spinning with a BIG smile on my face!!

8)In heavy iPod rotation is an artist by the name of Frank Ocean, whose first hit song, Thinking 'bout you, is about his first sexual encounter with a man. And that's all I'm gonna say about that!

9)After I accidentally misnamed a structure in class, I was reminded by a student that she has a degree in Chemistry (from an Arab country) and that she finished it with a %100 percent average. This same student claimed to need a translator after she flunked the first quiz and used that as her excuse for failing. Not ironically, she has a "C" average in my class which means she needs to quickly have SEVERAL seats, lol!!!

10) A headhunter contacted me the other day asking if I knew someone who could fill a position with a starting salary between $200-250K! I wanted to respond heck yeah, just gimme 10 years, lol!!


  1. Hi Apop,

    Welcome to teaching! My first year was the hardest. Aggressive ignorance almost drove me crazy. I somehow survived mostly by swallowing my pride.

    On another note, where do you find headhunters? I really need one.

    1. Hi Mi,

      Thanks for your comment Mi! I've actually taught before but that was in the mid 90's when people were a LOT more polite, lol!! I think that's my biggest challenge in general, ignoring the hoards of discourteous and rude people I frequently come across daily living in metro DC.

      As for dealing with corporate head hunters, I have no idea how this one group got my name, but I can tell you that over the years, I've registered on many job sites including those like linked in and bioscience. Many times its just a matter of them knowing someone you've dealt with in the past so that by the time you get my age, that could be almost anyone! Send me an email, and I'll send you back a few names.