Monday, October 1, 2012


.... Is the story of my life for the past 2 weeks as in I can't get caught up in my Python class!! URGH!!! So, I'm going to stay out of the meanie moo lab I'm working in for the rest of the week until I get caught up ( meanie moo was the term my daughter used to call me when she was a little girl and I put her on punishment, lol). Speaking of lab, my first PCR reaction worked like a charm but the next steps will have to wait until next week.

Other news, I have an interview with a company that contracts with the NIH doing bioinformatics, data analysis, and epidemiology which is pretty much a career trifecta for me for now. And I used to work for folks who worked there when I was at the NCI so I have a very good feel on the companies "environment". But I also have an interview for an NIH fellowship in Bioinformatics this week too and I have NO idea which I'd choose if I had a choice. On the one hand, the choice should be obvious ( take the "real" job) but on the other, I know my academic goals would be FAR better supported at the NIH. So, I'm gonna pray about it and leave the rest to God!

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