Sunday, October 21, 2012

October 2012's 10 for the road!!!

It's that time again, for me to list a few of the things going on in my life these days. So here goes:

1) Despite my strong dislike of big Pharma, it's VERY hard to keep turning down opportunities to interview for jobs with an average salary of 120K!!URGH!!!

2) I've ALWAYS been convinced that the reason God placed a child in my womb in January of 1996 was so that she would be born in October 1996, forever changing what had previously been a depressing month for me due to murder in 1982, of a very close childhood friend.

3) I've been asked to teach full-time at the university I'm currently teaching at and it came as a complete surprise. And while I thoroughly enjoy teaching, I also need the intellectual stimulation of "practicing" what I teach.

4) I had a phone interview for a position at the NCI doing data analysis and yeah, I'm happy about it!!! And I also have my NIH fellowship interview later this week too! Go Feds!!

5) Kiddo was promoted from doubles play to singles play on the tennis team just in time for county tournaments! And this came from no where because I'd temporarily pulled her from the team when she let her Honors math grade go to "D" level. Not surprisingly, her average since then has been 97%, so she was allowed to rejoin the team, and get promoted!!

6) I heard from another parent that the party with the chocolate f**king fountain had a little visit from the local police department. Can you say not f**king surprised, lol?

7) I wish my programming course was taught by a Molecular Biologist instead of a Computer Programmer. Thanks to the internet though, I found a superb resource for suppplimenting my learning Python which not ironically, is taught by a Molecular Biologist.

8) I actually had some extremely rare moments this week where I thought about NOT going to med school. Then I had a cup of my favorite black tea, and quickly snapped out of it!

9)I'm so glad the President decided to "wake up" and actually debate Romney last time around. That initial performance was shameful!

10) Finally, I'm beginning work today with a college student taking Microbiology and I'm so looking forward to it! Microbiology was a one of my favorite subjects in college and grad school!!

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