Tuesday, November 20, 2012

November 2012's, 10 for the road!!

I've been in a pretty funky mood lately, so this top 10 is gonna' be pretty funky too, LOL!!!

1) Will someone PLEASE tell Mitt Romney to sit his out of touch a$$ down somewhere? Seems dude is hell bent on running the Repub party down to the ground with hsi disparaging comments toward the 47% of Americans!!!!

2) I'm so not a person who lives with or in regret. But if I could have a "do over" of the past 7 years I've spent primarily in a career in histology/pathology, I'd take it ALL back (except my 2 years at the NIH), and do something more "people oriented". And the fact that becoming a Pathologist is pretty much a distant memory for me, doesn't help that sentiment one bit!!!

3) Relating to #3, at one point I rather arrogantly thought that my "issue" with most people who do this kinda work was the fact that they "hated on me" because I outworked and out educated most of them. But then I realized that that wasn't it at all. I simply find it amazingly disconcerting to work around people who have shortchanged themselves , then take their frustrations out on people who live healthy, challenge filled lives.

4) Relating to #4, it also occurred to me that perhaps one reason I work extremely well around over achievers (who mostly seem to take their health pretty seriously too like Meanie Moo PI) or as is the case of 95% of the students I teach/privately tutor those who want to be that one day, is because I take inspiration from people who aspire to be the best they can be! And because they're often happy in their own lives, they're fun to work with too! Unhappy people = unhappy work environment, which I realize may or may not have anything to do with academic achievement as in the case of Meanie Moo PI (then again she didn't get tenure, so maybe achievement IS related?)

5)I did the math last night and realized that if I privately tutored full-time, my income would be almost 150K. Yep, you read that right 150K which has me really considering doing that MUCH more than the 5-10 hours I currently do.

6) Relating to #5, I was asked by 2 families to home school their kids in Science and Math and YES, I'm giving it some serious thought!!!

7) I'm doing MUCH better with the "anger about my last job experience situation", but I'll keep it real, having my services be in high demand makes me want to go "moon" the folks I used to work with, LOL!!! Oops that's right, they're not there anymore because their jobs were closed DOWN!!!! Karma anyone?

8) I haven't lost track of my med school goals, though I realize I haven't talked about it much lately. But trust me, I'm writing and re-writing my personal statement in my head ALL the time!! And given all the numerous interactions I have with different people, from a variety of different backgrounds and cultures, and all the new places in Metro DC I'm visiting, gives my life more "color" which I'm sure will come out in the words of my essay.

9) Happily for me, part of my Thanksgiving break is going to be spent with an Orgo II student to which I say, bring it on!!! I HEART Orgo!!!

10) Finally, I wish to thank all my readers and supporters along this crazy path toward med school, which is my life! And please have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

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