Thursday, November 15, 2012

What people do for money

One of the harsh realities of working in a recession is the observation that folks will do damn near ANYTHING to get/keep a job. Actually, this was truebefore the recession. But as a friend told me earlier today, this recession is a gold mine for business owners in many ways because they can get away with treating their employees like crap and not have to deal with the consequences. These days, folks are too afraid to lose their jobs to rub the people in charge the wrong way. But not me, my integrity/honor aren't for sale and even when I know I'm working for someone insecure like the Vet Path I thankfully no longer work with, I'm NOT willing as HE was, to engage in unethical behavior like falsifying data to keep my job. Yeah, there's not much folks won't do for money, even if it could eventually kill others.

Movin' on, what I hadn't talked about yet were the election results, and yes I'm VERY glad President Obama won! Now my regular readers may remember than not only was I a Black Repub back in 2008, I also supported McCain in the 2008 election (who's treatment of Susan Rice I find reprehensible, BTW). However, after seeing where the party was headed thanks to the likes of Rush and crew, it didn't take long for me to declare myself Independent and I've been such ever since. Interestingly, I've been "allowed back into my family" since I supported the President this time around, and that's nice because I'm tired of defending why I supported McCain!!!

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