Saturday, December 1, 2012

Are YOU serious????

I knew when I started tutoring that it was just a matter of time before a student asked me to do their homework/test ect. In this case, it's more like their FINAL exam. So yes, I've had plenty of requests to help people with their homework to which I say to myself, if you want to pay this kinda money to help with homework, that's on you. But when a student at a TOP local university sent me their final exam to finish, I almost lost it:

Again, I realize that there are PLENTY of people who would do the work and take the money and run. But I'm clearly not "cut from that kinda cloth (as the old folks say)", otherwise I'd be in big pharma falsifying data and getting P.A.I.D. PAID!! And as a college professor, there's NO WAY IN HELL I'm EVER gonna' do another students homework!!! Now I could have been a b-oytch and ratted this student out to their professor, but that's not my style either. Instead, I nicely explained to the student that I'd be happy to help them after they FIRST attempted to answer the questions themselves and I would assist them from that point. But complete their final exam............... hell to the mofo NAW!!!!

Other happenings, I painted my fingernails black last week and got accused of acting too young by an old friend. Whatever, I think they look kinda cool and fit my personality to boot in terms of being edgy! I also set up a Skype account and that one, I've gotta' be real careful with! When a loved one frequently works out of town......well......I think you catch my drift. I'm really not trying to give Kim K ANY competition in the 40 and over sect, LOL!!!

Other really great news is that I found a local part-time PhD program that I'm interviewing for next week. Yeah, I'll be starting from scratch by not attending the school where I earned my most recent Master's degree. But the price is right and the part-time option is available, so I've decided to get this show in the road ASAP!!! Yes, I'm still planning to apply to med school for Fall 2014, but I can't help thinking that if I had done this say 7 years ago, I'd be DONE with the PhD part of my MD/PhD goal by now and at the NIH in some really cool post-doc program while I'm applying to med school. But that's water under the bridge, God clearly had another plan for me so I don't regret what I did do, though I wouldn't do it the same way if I had another chance!

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