Thursday, December 6, 2012

Heard it all before........

The words which make up the title of this post are in a big R&B hit from about 11 or so summers ago. But it's the first thing that came to my mind when I thought about the students I taught this semester at a local university in thinking about their response, or lack of, to me giving them 2 additional days to submit their lab reports which are usually due at the end of class. I thought I was being nice, giving them more time to prepare the report because we all just received this lab paperwork minutes before class from my Supv where normally they'd have a week to read the upcoming lab. (That's yet another story...) And from the ones I'd read that finished early, they were pretty much all going to do very poorly. So I decided to give them more time with instructions to scan then email them back to me by yesterday at 5:00PM. Well, given that only 5 of about 18 students turned it in, I'd say that giving them more time didn't mean jack! And some of the excuses I heard were "normal" but a few were FAR beyond ridiculous:

I mean I KNEW some of them were just making up 'ish and all I could think is "is this the best you guys could come up with"?

Anyhoo, this experience has me seriously reconsidering returning to teach at this school next year. Honestly, I don't mind that this school doesn't attract the brightest students in the area. But what does bother me immensely is how much of a "slacker attitude" so many of them had about their studies. And that wouldn't be so bad if my worst evals hadn't come from these fools (per a snitch in the class, LOL!!). What I AM going to focus on are the 3 students who are now making preparation to become science majors, which is all time high for me with the pre-nursing students I've taught in the past. And the fact that they are all female and all but one is an underrepresented minority makes me especially happy!

Moving on, I'm behind again in my Python course but I'm not sweating that since my prof has allowed me to take things at my own pace (which I needed since I'm so NOT used to using whatever side of my brain computer scientists use because it sure as hell ain't the side scientists use). And I still find it fun when I finally solve a bug in a program so it's all good! :)

Other news is that I learned that the SKD (Sexy Korean Dude) from my last job in Pharma got screwed over big time by that bee-oytch of a director we all worked for in ways that left me with my mouth literally hanging open. And it was kinda sad to learn that because while in MANY ways he threw me under the bus to save his own ass, I never like to see anyone else getting treated like crap. But the fact that the others at his level pretty much ostracized him while I was there in combination with how poorly I was treated, should have sent a HUGE message to him that the same thing or far worse, could happen to him. BTW, why do people never think after watching a "Snake" bite someone else, that that same "Snake" couldn't bite them in the ass one day too? And when I say he got screwed I mean "elephant style" as in he doesn't have a reference for the 5 or so years he spent there publishing papers, the ONLY one at his level to do so. Funny thing is that his group was almost all URM, a fact I think in retrospect probably also sealed his fate (the groups led by "Skinhead Ken and Barbie" were notorious for doing random $hit to this guy and members of his group). Anyway, I hope he goes to work in Academia because he would make a terrific prof and if he does, I sincerely hope he learns a thing or two about loyalty to people who do excellent work for him.

As for my tutoring, it's going really well especially this time of year with folks gearing up for final exams. But I made a decision NOT to accept any clients for Ogro help because at this stage of the game, pulling out a miracle in this class is almost impossible. It's just not that kinda class. I've also decided not to home school either because quite honestly, that would take me in a professional direction away from medicine which I believe is my true calling. However, I'm very thankful to God for having me be all over the place career wise to this point, because in this economy, having a solid, well-paying fall back has truly been a blessing!!

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