Friday, December 27, 2013

Nothing much to say, LITERALLY!!!

So I'm still having "issues" with my throat and asthma (yeah, I think they're related somehow), so some time in January, I'm going to have some further tests done. Oh what joy! :( In the meantime, I've been ordered to talk at a little as possible which for me, is pretty equivalent to setting my head on fire! URGH!!!

Still, I'm enjoying the holidays as much as I can and had a great time hanging out with my daughter, Aunt, Cousin, and her in-laws, over Christmas:

*Next time I'll take a pic BEFORE I eat, LOL!!

Even though it's the holidays, I've been working since yesterday (gotta come up with a research project topic ASAP), but we're going to the movies this Saturday to see Best Man Holiday. My daughter, my Cousin, and I already saw it but it was really good and my Aunt hasn't seen it, so we're going to see it again tomorrow!

Well that's all I got for now, I'll check in again before the holiday break is over!


  1. Thanks for the update and glad you're enjoying your holiday! Hope you feel better soon!
    P.S. You definitely don't look like you've just eaten! Your daughter must be so proud to have such a smart and pretty mother! Bless you! :-)

  2. God bless you and yours too and thank you for those kind words!! These days though, my daughter goes back and forth between being happy with me and wishing I would just leave her alone, LOL!! She's spent pretty much the ENTIRE break getting ahead in her AP classes based on a study schedule I created for her. Many days I say to myself "poor baby", but then I remember that I have this last 6 months to make sure she's ready to study Engineering in college this Fall.