Friday, December 21, 2007

Blog entry with no name

I couldn't think of a title for today's post. But I can begin things off by saying that I'm soooooooo glad the semester is OVER!!!! And like all my previous semesters in school, I really did learn a lot. But this semester was VERY different because I was pulling up the rear academically BIG TIME!!!!

So my really great news is that my project was accepted and I was highly praised for the depth of my hypothesis given that I haven't done research remotely close using the methods in my new lab. The only thing my new gig has in common with my previous life is that once again, I'll be engaged in cancer research on the bench. The irony you know what, I should change that because there's no irony here. It was simply God mapping out my life without consulting me first, lol!!! It turns out that the very area of my Pharm class that I had so much trouble understanding conceptually (voltage gated ion channels, inactivation/activation curves, Coloombs, Faraday's constant all the other important dead guys related to the study of cardiovascular physiology) will be the main premise of my research. And it turns out the "riding the waves" of life isn't as bad as I thought it was however to be safe, I keep my swimming skills up to par in case a wave comes along and dumps me off my life surfboard!

So with that, I'm wishing everyone all the best this holiday season! I'm also leaving my favorite picture of my favorite Aunt. What a shame I didn't learn where I got my flair for modeling from (back in my 20's) until after her untimely death.

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