Sunday, August 23, 2009

PG County

Now that my sister has moved to PG county, I'm spending a LOT of time here and for those of you unfamiliar with metro DC, PG County is home to the wealthiest/most educated Blacks in America complete with gated communities and numerous million dollar+ homes. And for me that's where the celebration ends. While PG County has the highest number of minority kids on the honor roll in the state of Maryland, the school system itself isn't near as good as it should be considering the tax base. Of course almost all of the Blacks I know that live in PG county in those millions dollar homes sends their kids to private school and there in lies the BIG problem I have with these mostly bougie Black folks.

Where I live in Montgomery County, people here would NEVER settle for having less than top notch PUBLIC schools, so it should come as no surpise that Montgomery county Maryland is not only the richest county in Maryland but more importanly has the best public schools in the state. But it's not just about schools for me, it's about goods and services. For example, having to drive over 45 minutes to a Nordstroms or Lord and Taylor doesn't seem to bother PG County residents. OK, high end clothes aren't a big deal to everyone I get that, but going to the local Marshall's and seeing that there are no locks on the dressing rooms, SHOULD be a problem in a neighborhood where the average income is over 100K/year. THAT, I sure as hell do NOT get!!!! I also don't rasing major hell when a million dollar home burns to the ground because there aren't enough fire hydrants in the neighborhood, or calling 911 in a medical emergency and hoping someone: 1) answers the 911 call in the first place and 2) Shows up within the hour. This kind of apathy among affluent and educated Blacks is shameful and is why I don't live in PG County!!!

Movin' on, I'm so NOT looking forward to starting school in a few weeks. Normally, I'm pretty excited but this time for probably the first time in my life I'm just kinda blaze' about it. I serioulsy considered sitting out the semester but figured I'd get bored to death if I did, so I decided to suck it up and get on with things. Jobs wise things are still groovy, I'm learning so much and using my histology books a LOT!! My path books, not so much, but that's OK.... for now!!!!

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