Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I'll take the "scripper scrapper" thank you very much!

So my semester from hell is O-V-E-R!!! Woooooooohooooooooooo!!!!!!!!
Now I just have to get back to running a lab, LOL!!!!

At this point I would LOVE to talk about how "interesting" a meeting I attended with some folks on my job was the other day, but I know to say what I really wanted to say could be career suicide. Let's just say that I'm almost certain that I will NOT be able to earn my PhD while on this job and you know what?? That's quite OK because that wasn't my first choice option anyway.

Fast forward to today when I visited the campus of the 5 year MD program I applied to earlier this year and just happened to run into the man who sunk my application. And his words to me only reiterated what I had decided after I left that job meeting on Monday. He said "Get a 27 on the MCAT, and you'll get the interview". So I'm saying to myself, "what, no 5 year MD program for me"?? Then I remembered what he said when he interviewed me for the program which was "I don't see what this program can do for you". So in light of what he said to me today, that other statement makes sense. Or does it?

I've been told many, many times that I'm "ready" to pursue an MD and I have to admit that I've struggled believing it especially recently due to some of the craziness in my personal life which I'm happy to say is significantly better. So along these lines, what I did after I left that meeting with the job folks was to schedule a visit to an open house at one of the many med schools that recruited me back in the day. My time frame would still be at least 2 years and no more than 5, however now I'm thinking Fall of 2011 may fit just fine.

There's a movie called the Ditch Digger's daughters which talks about the struggle the parents of 5 girls made to ensure their kids would become doctors (it's actually a very good book and movie). One of the daughter's is an MD/PhD, one is a Dentist, another is an MD, and the last "doctor" in the family is a PhD (earned in her 40's incidentally). When the girls are growing up, the father referees to the stethoscope as a "scipper, scrapper" and tells them they should all aspire to become Physicians so they can wear one. I LOVE research and believe myself to be a damn good Scientist (although I was recently reminded that I'm not a PhD and therefore not qualified), but I'm looking forward to wearing a "scripper scrapper" around my neck one day too!! Sooner than later...................................

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