Sunday, March 7, 2010

Oh where or where did my physics review go?

Well it's pretty much gone to hell in a hand basket, LOL!!! I've pretty much given up on Physics, at least for now, because making scores of 6-8 do a number on my self-esteem. So I decided to move on to Chemistry and my confidence was promptly increased when I scored a "10" on the first section without even reviewing it, including 2 passages where I got all the answers correct!! So today, I'm going to review the material from Chapter 1, take an AMCAS exam on that particular section, then see how it goes score wise!

I'm on "spring break" from school, although when you work a demanding job full-time, there really is no Spring break! But at least I can take time this week to catch up on my MCAT studying because I'd really like to take the exam by August of this year. My thinking at this point is to get the damn test out of the way ASAP, then focus on getting my GPA back up to at least a 3.7 (took a hit with one of my grades last Fall). As some of you may know, a 3.5 in grad school just isn't impressive especially given the fact that I finished my first Master's in Chemistry with a 3.75.

I also had a girl's nite out Friday and went to a place called Busboysandpoets in DC and had a blast!! The food was good, the ambiance was even better, and it was just nice to get out among female adults and have a good time. I think I got in at around 1:30AM and I hadn't that where I wasn't around family in over 10 years!!! When you're a working Mom you forget just how important it is to do fun things for yourself! So yeah, we're gonna make that a habit at the very least, every 2 months or so!!!

Well, it's an especially beautiful day with surprisingly warm temps outside today in Metro DC, so we're planning to spend a good amount of time outside!! Hope you enjoy your day today as well!!! :)


  1. Sometimes it's good to just take a break from one subject. I find that with Physics I have to think differently. It doesn't feel ... logical ... to me! LOL Maybe you can stick with the chem for a little while but just mix it up with a little physics. Personally, Path, I think you should just sit the darned thing and apply ASAP.

  2. Ya' know Kris, I think you're right about that.:)!!!

  3. Hello,

    I decided to visit your blog after I saw your comment on "Old Pre-meds" network. I was interested to find out whether you found an answer to your question. The question was this:

    "I'm old enough to have AMCAS MCAT practice exams 1-10 on paper and I've also ordered the online versions of 9 & 10.

    I know that versions 1-4 are not comparable in difficulty to the later exams, but I'm wondering how much more difficult people found the "real" MCAT, compared to both the paper exams 9/10 and the computerized 9/10 exams..."

    I would like to know the answer. Thanks.

  4. I personally found the real MCAT more difficult than any of the practice exams I've ever had including those by AMCAS. TBR practice exams are very comparable, IMHO, to the real MCAT. Hope this help!

  5. Path,

    Thanks! Do you mean TPR? And what does IMHO mean?

    Thanks again!

  6. TBR is The Berkeley Review and IMHO is in my honest opinion.