Sunday, March 14, 2010

When it rains, it typhoons, LOL!!!

So much for me using my Spring break to catch up on MCAT review, LOL!!! Work was great but every other aspect of my life was pretty much a wreck! From an abscessed, impacted wisdom tooth, to haggling with car dealers on purchasing another car, this week and next is gonna leave me lite about 3K. But I don't complain because I have the means to handle my financial business without missing a meal or a bill. God truly is good!!!!

I'm still waiting on conformation of my division disassociating from bully PI as well as my Assist. Prof. position and like I said before, I'll need BOTH to be in play in order for me to commit long term to this position. I still find being a service oriented lab a huge pain in the ass, but it really has been a tremendous learning experience. Of course, the biggest let down is the fact that I can't really work on my research project because I don't have time and because we haven't replaced the slickster we hired last month yet. What this does do though is let me know just how difficult getting a dissertation out my current gig would be, excluding the classes I have to take!!! That said, I often wonder if just a regular 'ol lab position would be better which is why I haven't yet ruled out leaving.

Well this is gonna be a short post because I'm STILL exhausted from last week and need a nap before I hit the books later this evening! :)


  1. Your spring break sounds similiar to mine! Right down to the wisdom teeth and the car!

  2. You know FR, this is the worst Spring Break ever, LOL!!!!!! How did your wisdom tooth situation go? Mine was hell!!!!