Thursday, March 18, 2010

There's pain, then there's REAL pain, THEN THERE"S PAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They say there's no pain like that a woman experiences while in labor. Well I say that at least there's adequate relief for labor and it's called an epidural. No, I learned this week that there IS a pain worse than labor and it's called "dry socket" pain.

I mentioned earlier this week that about my need to have a wisdom tooth removed and I should know based on the last 3 or so medical issues that I've dealt with in the past 2 years, that I should change my name is Murphy's Law because I NEVER heal "normally", LOL!!! So after 2 straight sleepless and pain filled nights that even a regular dose of Percoset could treat, I finally went back to my dentist for treatment for what I already knew was a dry socket. And let me say that 5 minutes after treatment, I heard the hallelujah chorus singing as loud as the sun was bright!!!

Moral of the story here is that it was STUPID of me to wait so long to have a wisdom tooth removed because apparently the older you are, the worse the potential complications are. And it's not like I haven't had great dental insurance either, I'm just so terrified of going to the dentist. Well I can assure you now that THAT is gonna change (of course, I said the same thing 15 years ago after I had root canal work) but this time is different. This time, the pain is worse than labor and I don't want to have to go through this again. Problem is, it's probably too late because the tooth next to the abscessed, infected wisdom tooth may need a root canal. SHIT, SHIT, SHIT!!!! So, I've been home from work all this week so far because the pain meds, which didn't work, cause me to hallucinate (and talk to myself) so working with sharp blades and cutting is completely OUT of the question!!! But now that I have the pain under control, I'll work on my grant proposal and the presentation I have to do at work from home today and tomorrow and sometime this weekend, I'll go into the lab and cut a few slides for staining next week.

So to everyone out there who is or aspires to be a Dentist, I think you're all a bunch of sadistic SOB'S!!!!!!!!! Just kidding, there's nothing in the world better than having a great dental practice you can go to for treatment!!! :)


  1. New reader here :)

    re: dry aren't kidding. Although, I've never had dry socket, I've had lots of dental work. (thanks to not having insurance whilst the husband was in med school. I got neglected!) I had a root canal go wrong. Pain meds, steroids, lots of agony...and two weeks later, I could almost stand myself again! Lol

    Hope you're completely well now!

  2. Howdy Sylvia!!

    Believe it or not, I'm STILL being treated for dry socket almost 2 weeks post tooth removal and yes, my life has been pretty miserable in the meantime!!!!! But I found a good Oral Surgeon who has been a gem, so for the next one I have to have removed, it's going to be done by an Oral Surgeon ONLY!!!