Sunday, May 30, 2010

And we're off!!!!

These days I'm pretty excited about my impending study for the MCAT. I haven't yet set up a study schedule but I do know I'm starting with Chemistry tomorrow and plan to end with physics since that's the stuff that lingers in my head for the shortest amount of time, LOL!! We've also just about finished unpacking too which is also great because I need a clutter free mind before I start studying.

Job wise, it's pretty much the same things I've complained about a lot over the past few years, I really need to stop working for other women because it's just too damn stressful for me! However, my natural interest in pathology allows me to put the crap aside and stay focused on the task at hand. Speaking of that, I may have mentioned my membership into an organization called the National Society for Histotechnology and I have to admit I was initially concerned that the educational level of the organization/publications would be substantially different from what I'm used to, dealing primarily with organizations like the Association of Clinical Pathology which consists primarily of Docs and Doc/Scientists (yeah, I know, that probably sounds like a very educational elitist thing to say, LOL!!). However, after looking thorough their signature publication, I'm not only very impressed but very intrigued too! In fact this will probably be the only Scientific journal I read from cover to cover on a regular basis since it goes beyond the who, what, where, when, and why's of tissue staining. I also received my Neuropath book and obviously that has me intrigued as well! Man, I guess I'm really a super nerd when it's all said and done!

Moving on, I'm also starting to think about schools I'll want to apply to next year and whether or not I should include a few nearby (WV, VA, PA) DO schools. Conventional wisdom says I should, but I don't think I'll choose to do that because relocating my kid to a new area is completely unacceptable right now. I say right now because I have given thought to the idea of say, attending med school in Philly, living there during the week, then returning home on the weekends. Right now, I feel pretty good about applying to all the schools in the metro DC area next year (yeah including Hopkins), and seeing what happens. If I get no love next year, then I'll reevaluate.

Ok, I'm outta here since it's beauty salon day, so that means that I should return home sometime tomorrow, LOL!! And hopefully, I won't come back with far less hair than I started with, LOL!! Have a safe holiday!!

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