Thursday, May 27, 2010

First step, DONE!!!!

So I registered for the August 19, 2010 MCAT and I have to say that unlike the other 100 times I registered, I was actually nervous this time. And it didn't help that it took 3 tries for my application to go through which cased me to wonder what THAT had happened. Was God "testing" me to see if I really planned to go through with it this time? Or was this a "sign" that the road ahead wouldn't be as straight forward as I'd like? Or maybe the Internet wasn't working and that was ALL it meant? Whatever it was at this point it really doesn't matter, I'm just glad I followed through with this first critical step.

It did occur to me that if I'm not successful getting into med school I should think about a Fall back, which at one point used to be what I'm doing now. But my supervisor's decision to pull the rug on all the things that would have made my current job satisfying in the long term, now have me seeing my current gig as simply a stepping stone to other career options and opportunities. Now my thinking is that I should also apply to PA (that's Pathologist Assistant) school since that training and my already heavy background in pathology/histology should place me in the perfect position to be a "real" lab director in this field. And by "real", I mean that PA training would provide what I needed to know to run both the anatomic and clinical side of a pathology laboratory. What I'm missing now is extensive formal training in the clinical side of pathology, although my previous work as a Clinical Chemist for Ragcore (ie Labcore) and 1 semester in a graduate Clinical Chemistry program provide a good foundation. I'm just not comfortable with that.

So we'll see how it goes, I'm by no means throwing in the towel already with med school, I simply need to be realistic about my other plans should that not come through in the time frame I want it to.

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  1. Yay! Congratulations, Path. Maybe it was a sign that you need to be persistent! I can't wait to read about your studying...