Friday, June 25, 2010

Summer breeze, makes me feel fine!!!!!

MCAT Bio Ct. 3 Score 12. And that's a paltry amount of MCAT study for this week.

One of the things I'm going to have to master REAL quick is how not to drop the ball when I'm stressed the hell out. But then I imagine that most people probably wish they had the same skill, still it seems so many type A, premed folks have NO PROBLEM doing it "all". Of course, things always look so put together from the outside......

I ended the week, pretty much how I always end my weeks most days, having got a LOT done at work in an area I'm not only pretty good at but throughly enjoy as well. The stuff with Bully PI is simply more of the type of $hit that I'm going to have to get used to dealing with, since there's always been some rabid female chicken lurking in every employment situation I've ever been in. Bottom line, I can't allow a bullying rabid female chicken to distract me from what's important right now, and that is to stay focused on Med school, THAT'S IT!!! Ironically, I had a conversation earlier today with a young black female scientist who's concluded that there's just a LOT of ass kissing in Science and I'm thinking if I asked a young Black female in every other field, she'd probably say something similar. The thing is that being Black, as I've said many times before, isn't the primary problem I've had, but being Black AND female, well that's a different story. But hey, what's a Black female scientist to do?

Now though, I'm kinda wishing I had applied to med school because I'm certain that when I get my scores back, I'm gonna be kicking myself!! But I'm trying to tie up some loose ends in my personal life first and well, if I haven't learned anything by now, it's that my life needs to be as ordered as possible if I want to succeed.

Okay, I

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