Monday, August 2, 2010

I'm a survivor!!!!

So I survived my "date" with Mr. Propofol and I'm now dealing with the side affects of the anesthesia that's still floating around in my body. I'm also releasing the CO2 that was pumped in too, in some of the most imaginative ways ever, LOL!!! Unfortunately I haven't had a good nights sleep because my shoulders hurt so bad thanks to the CO2, but with time things will get back to normal. I just wish I had the energy to get on that stationary bike for just one mile................

Other news, I informed my contracting company ( NOT my immediate Supv.) that I'm considering another gig and my company rep seemed genuinely happy for me. Of course, she's seen me through some VERY difficult employment "moments" and agrees 1000% that a new, better paying gig is just what's needed now. All that's left for me to decide is if I want to first the first time in my entire employment career, not give my Supv the courtesy of a 2 week notice or just bounce which I'm SO inclined to do based on how shitty I've been treated, especially lately. And finding out from the company that hired me that I'm not required to give 2 weeks, only fuels my desire to be highly unprofessional in this situation, LOL!! So we'll see, my main priority now is to get both my mind AND body prepared for this new blessing and that may mean putting my needs 100% first and NEVER looking back!!!

I've also been thinking about my MCAT study schedule and have decided that giving myself a month to cover each of the TBR books should be plenty enough practice between now and the exam date given that..............drum roll please.........I've also decided to pursue formal training in Pathology Informatics!! Yeah, I guess it's an understatement to say that I LOVE school and feel VERY fortunate that I'm working in a field I really enjoy at the same time!! That said, I plan to be back on the MCAT prep bandwagon by the end of the week and will post my progress on Sunday!!

Have a GREAT week!!! :)


  1. Congrats! I'm working on Lens/Optics in TBR physics and I'm struggling through it. Physical sciences kills me.

  2. Thanks SunChip!!! TBR is such a complete review and is VERY time consuming to get through, but I think the prep materials are great!!!!