Sunday, July 4, 2010

Progress, at last!!!

So this week was pretty amazing as far as my MCAT study is concerned. I had double digit scores in everything, and spent most of the week focused on practicing the verbal section. Besides the fact that med schools regard this score more highly than the others, it seems obvious to me that if I can FINALLY master this area, it will almost certainly pay off in the Sciences as well. I started off scoring "8" in Verbal and ended the week consistently scoring at least a "10" with "11" as my high score. I've also finished half of the EK verbal reasoning passages too.

Still, I'm behind overall in the science areas, but again, I think interjecting so much verbal practice will help me speed up my review of the remainder of the science stuff due to so much reading comprehension practice. Another revelation I'm having about my science review is that for the most part, I should be able to answer most of the questions without reading the passage itself, if I simply pay significant attention to the clues in both the question stem and the answers. As for Physics, I still haven't directly reviewed any yet, but the first gen chem book of TBR has a pretty impressive review of some important physics concepts.

Other great news this week is that the positions at the local hospital I thought I didn't have a chance at because I hadn't heard anything back after telling them my salary requirements, was due to my HR contact having a month off for vacay. WTH?? Ok, I'm not hatin', it must be nice, though I tend to get bored on vacay's that last more than a few days. Speaking of local hospitals, during a visit to a local med school to see a mentor, I also happened to run into one of my many Pathologist mentors who reminded me that my Physician shadowing begins with her in 2 weeks. Geez, how in the world did I forget that?

Health wise is unfortunately where things aren't so great and it appears that I'm really having some complications following my major surgery in the Spring of 2009, problems which started last year, but that I didn't follow up on until I was too sick to go to work last week. Yeah, doctor types make the worst patients, but over age 40, not taking stuff seriously is just plain stupid. Still, I haven't let that sidetrack me too much from riding the bike for at least 5 miles everyday, but I did have to give a rest for most of last week. At any rate, I have to see a GI specialist and get that colonoscopy I was supposed to get 3 years ago, so I'll be sure to report of how THAT goes, LOL!!!

Guess that's it until next time!!!


  1. Hi there-
    Just found your blog and want to add it to my blogroll. I am nearly 38 and thinking of going back to school to do med school. I look forward to reading about your path, a few steps ahead of mine!

  2. Good luck with your studies!

  3. As a fellow nontrad, please feel free to add my blog to your blogroll, and I'll do the same! Best of luck in the future and keep in touch!

    And thanks anon for the good luck, I certainly need it!!