Wednesday, July 13, 2011

10 things I do to reduce my risk of breast cancer

I'm posting this list at the request of one of my most faithful readers and someone I consider a friend. Here's to your Kris!

1) I maintain a normal body-mass index (BMI).

2) I exercise regularly.

3) I don't smoke.

4) I actively work to control my stress through diet, exercise/yoga, and decreasing my exposure to negative things and people.

5) I perform monthly breast exams and have a mammogram every year.
6) I limit my consumption of exogeneous chemicals in foods for example, hormones and other chemicals in meats and pesticides on fruits and veges. This basically means I spend a lotta money at Whole Foods, LOL!!!
7) I limit my alcohol intake.
8) I take vitamin and mineral supplements everyday and eat fruit and veges, like blueberries and broccoli, which have anti-tumor/cancer properties.
9) I limit my exposure to environmental pollution such as vehicle exhaust, gas fumes, and other air pollution.
10)Because many researchers feel that changing these 2 on the list has the potential to reduce by as much as 75%, the chronic disease we see in the black community, I'm going to relist here maintaing a healthy weight and eating healthy foods.

Now I can easily admit that like other people, there's a few on this list I do better than others, for example I could exercise more than I do now , which incidentally wasn't a problem when I was working full time. Go figure!! Now that I'll be back to work in about a month and have decided to catch the bus which will also include about a quarter mile walk from where the bus lets me off to get to my job, I won't have too many problems getting my exercise in on a regular basis.

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