Wednesday, July 13, 2011

So what exactly is the plan, Miss Thang?

Good question, and these past 4 months have given me PLENTY of time to think about that. So here goes and since I've been a student off and on since 1984, I tend to do these things by school calender year:

1) Fall 2011-Take MCAT in Early September, enroll in Bioinformatics course (you didn't think I forgot that, did you?).

* Stay focused and motivated

2) Spg 2012- Communicate with MD and DO schools regarding my impending application. Enroll in Bioinformatics course.

* Stay focused and motivated

3) Summer 2012- Enroll in Bioinformatics course, apply to med schools/begin work on secondaries.

* Stay focused and motivated

4) Fall 2012- Finish secondaries/interview to med school, get ASCP certification in Histology, Molecular Pathology, and IHC, enroll in Bioinformatics course.

* Stay focused and motivated

5) Spring 2013 - Enroll in 2 Bioinformatics courses, get certificate in Bioinformatics in May 2013.

* Stay focused and motivated

6) Summer 2013 - Start MD/PhD (in Bioinformatics) or DO/PhD program.

Now let me just put this out there early, this plan may be delayed by a year due to a significant decision I need to make regarding my personal life. But one year is the MAX amount of time I'm going to allow anything or anyone to delay me any further, outside of some VERY serious illness/tragic event. And given that I've already delayed my med school goals a couple times for others and occasionally due to some serious illness/tragic event/other, I'm getting to the point now where I may need to just "be there" by Skype from the library of someones medical school in the future!!

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