Friday, July 15, 2011

Path's top 5 "What Da ????" moments of late

Given how outspoken I am, I thought it would be fun to post a list of my "what da' ???" moments every now and then. And please feel free to fill in the ??? with whatever word/explicative you feel appropriate:

1) The dems and repubs are in a stand off over avoiding a debt crisis!!! What da" ???????

2) Casey Anthony is going to be released this weekend. What da" ????. And let me give you a hint on the ????, it begins with the letter "F"!!!!!!

3) I had some SERIOUS negotiations with my new Big Pharma company regarding my salary. What da' ???.

4) The Repubs recently rescinded a document which essentially stated that black families were better off during slavery. What da' double "F word" here!!!!

5) With a beautiful weekend ahead weatherwise, I'll be at my local bookstore/Wegmans studying for the MCAT. What da'???? Okay maybe this one shouldn't count, LOL!!!!

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