Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I blog, you blog, we ALL blog???

Only recently have I started to look around the net, reading blog after blog, trying to figure out what the hell everyone has to talk about that they think someone else would actually want to read it? Well I guess it turns out that a LOT of people have a LOT to talk about that apparently a LOT of people want to read about. Case in point, THIS blog, this spelling error filled, Edgar Allen 'NO' like, grammar check needing blog that ~75 people read on a VERY regular basis. I've gone off the deep end on Black people, white women, and everyone in between. I've been angry, happy, academically confused, content, and otherwise VERY agitated that I can't seem to find "career satisfaction", yet people still regularly read, so what gives?

When I started writing this blog my original thought was that I needed to reassure those of us who were unceremoniously told to leave college (i.e who flunked out) that there was academic life after being academically kicked out of school. And although I have a special place in my academic heart for those who come form low income backgrounds and underrepresented minorities, I'm happy with the thought that anyone can find inspiration from what I've been through and are able to carve their own path to success.

But what I've got back in return from blogging, I never in a million years saw coming. I've "met" some really wonderful people that I could never have met in real life, 1) Because I hate to fly anywhere outside of for business reasons and 2) Having a family, career, and going to school doesn't leave much time for anything else, certainly not meeting other people.

And while there are certain aspects of my life that I keep private due in large part to the crazy world we live in and the quasi "threat" I received on premed site (for women) regarding a school I had intended to apply to in the past, I still feel like I've been true both to myself and to my readers. I mean really, how many people would admit to taking the MCAT multiple, multiple, times and getting kicked out of school, LOL???

So why is it that EVERYONE these days seems to be blogging? Is it a form of therapy as it occasionally is for me? Or are people somehow trying to heal the world with their words, which occasionally is NOT me? Most blogs I read leave me saying to myself, now this is the most boring 'ish I've ever read in my entire life! And the ones that fit those bills tend to be the ones that seem so damn perfect. As in, I graduated Summa Cume Laude from Ivy League University, was a Rhodes scholar after that, then attended Ivy League University 2 for law school, and now I'm a married mother of 2 darling boys, with a George Clooney look a like husband!!! And did I mention I'm on track to be partner working part-time? I mean really, NO ONE's life that I know in real life is that freakin' perfect, so can you pla-eeze keep it real lady? FYI, this isn't about hatin' as much as it is about the experience of my own mistakes and the mistakes I've seen happen in the lives of others. Like it's far easier to get into that Ivy League 2 school as a law student when your pops is a dean there, but you somehow left THAT important fact out. As for the George Clooney look alike husband, all the ones I know like that are a LOT like the real George Clooney relationship wise which IMHO, isn't all that conducive to long, term monogamous relationships. But of course, when you're blogging to the world about how perfect your life is, that's not a fact anyone is gonna bring up in conversation.

Anyhoo, I guess I like blogs that are a lot like mine, filled with happy days and sad days, rainbows and thunderstorms, hell raising and shout outs, because real life seems to work out just like that, like one hellva roller coaster ride!!!

One last thing, a BIG THANK YOU to the readers of this blog who apparently don't mind that my writing style is more Richard "wrong" than Richard Wright and who also enjoy roller coasters that have "drops" at 2G's and peaks to the moon, LOL!!! YOU keep me inspired to stay on this crazy a$$ path to med school as a middle age Black woman!!

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