Saturday, October 29, 2011

Path's top 5 "What 'da ???" moments of late

It's that time again, my top 5 what 'da ??? list:

1) It's October and snowing in Metro DC today, what da'??? Id' probably better reconsider those schools north of the Mason-Dixon line!

2) According to AAMC I had less than a 5% chance of improving my MCAT score from where I started to where I happily ended up. What 'da??? (Hard work THAT's what, LOL!!!)

3) My youngest "child" keeps peeing on my daugthers bed! What 'da ??????, she's gonna end up "homeless" = taken to the shelter, because I've just about HAD IT!!!!!!

4) As required for my R stats course, I COMPLETELY forgot what exp (x) means. What 'da ????, I'd better break out the basic math book!

5)I learned on the Oldpremeds website yesterday that certain med schools are finding ways to slickly reject oldpremeds by giving the tired 'ol excuse and I paraphrase, "I don't think certain oldpremed applicant understands the implications of the debt they need to incur to complete med school". Translation, I don't think your old arse if gonna work long enough to pay off your student loans, so What 'da f???

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