Saturday, November 12, 2011

And you've won free tickets and a meal to your local movie theater!!!!

So just as I was trying to leave work early this past Friday when everyone INCLUDING their Mama had the day off, my Supv pulls me and Ick into a conference room to have a "talk". Well, given the week I'd had, I was pretty certain I wasn't "in trouble" (which is a pretty big deal if you've been following my work place woes over the past year).

Ick and I sit down next to each other for the very first time since I started working here, and he proceeds to talk about why his Supv is up to his knee caps in HIS arse. Basically, he's REALLY depending on us to have some breakthroughs which I did earlier in the week and which Ick almost hurt herself trying to find fault with. So he's talking about this and that, blah, blah, blah, I won't bore you with the details. Then he gives us two envelops with our names on it for the good work we've done this past week. No problemo, I don't mind if Ick wants/needs to ride my coats tails a bit, ROTFLMBAO!!!

It turns out that the meeting I had earlier in the week where I was the ONLY one in the room without Dr in front of my name (Yeah, I'm getting really tired of this 'ish), was a LOT "heavier" than I originally thought. Of course, if my Supv could'a just avoided throwing my black arse under the bus during the meeting(in an effort to be seen as on his Supv's side?), I may have been more willing to put my head on the chopping block so to speak, to back him up when his Supv went on the war path. But nah, me and his Supv have a pretty good relationship as he's one of those "academic" types I've become accustomed to in the 100 years I've spent in school. That, and he's already sang my praises a couple times, so I'm trying to stay real chill with him and not just because he was the co-inventor on a drug currently in the market. I guess you can say that I'm FINALLY learning to play the game so to speak (about time), a skill which will obviously be useful where?? IN MEDICAL SCHOOL!!!!

Speaking of med school, I did go ahead and email that med school Dean on Friday and Imma tell ya', if I can get this med school thing to work out next year, I'M OUTTA HERE!! Or as Chris Brown would say, DUECES!!!!!

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