Monday, November 14, 2011

Surf or ski?

Now that the emails from med schools are rolling in from schools across the country, I realize that I don't do well with having too many choices. Yeah, I know I haven't applied anywhere formally yet, but I honestly I hope I only get one admit so I'm not forced to make a choice. So far in my focused academic career (to be distinguished from my nonfocused years, LOL), I haven't dealt with much in the form of rejection in the last 15 years, though I'm quite certain med school admissions will be different. Even for a URM like me.

But I'm having fun thinking about what it would be like to live very close to the beach while in med school. OTOH, living in "ski" territory could be cool too, pun intended. So after I get an email from a school, I immediately start looking at the cost of living in that area. Followed closely by the quality of the schools. And with my daughter poised to graduate following 11th grade (I'm still not so sure about that as I need to see some social maturity to go along with the academics), I'm looking at fulfilling my dream a year earlier than I originally planned. And it doesn't hurt that she's perfectly fine with moving in the near future too.

Still, I'm the kinda person that needs a while, 3-6 months, to look into an area before I'm 100% comfortable packing up my life and moving to another city/state/region of the US. But with the way my life had been so far, I'm not holding my breath that I'll actually have that kinda time!

*PS- Can you believe I couldn't find ONE picture of a Black woman skiing to use for this post?!?!?!

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