Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Being broke, ain't no joke!!!!!!

One of the many blessings I enjoy living in metro DC is access to the best medical care in the US. Unfortunately, medicine and I are having some "run ins" which led to my having to visit my neighborhood ER. And as I'm walking in to check in, I notice a sign that reads "We do NOT accept medicaid". Well d@mn, I guess I'm glad I have great medical insurance!!

I hadn't realized that things had gotten this bad in medical care though it's clear I'd better get VERY familiar with what's going in medicine before I start interviewing for med school. And while I'm obviously aware that there are many Docs who either only accept certain private insurance plans or don't take ANY insurance at all, it was still a shock to see a major medical system be so blatant about the types of reinbursement they would accept. I mean really, why not just post a sign that says "we don't want no po' folks here"!!

So is this the price paid for being seen within 30 secs of my arrival (which is probably typical since I went in complaining of cardiovascular issues), along with an almost deserted and very clean waiting area? Yeah, I live in one of the wealthiest counties is the US, but d@mn is it really like that??? I guess that's the state of medicine these days:

Anyhoo this, along with me "debating" with the doctor about why the blood pressure reading I had is sky high for me(what Doc doesn't know that everyone's "normal" blood pressure can be different?) got me thinking again about clinical medicine. And how much good I could do if I chose a field in medicine where I regularly see patients. Like Hem/Onc. I'm really, really, REALLY thinking about Hem/Onc these days and it doesn't hurt that: 1) the ones I know spend 3-4 days/week doing research and 2) it could be an excellent application of my background in Path. Of course, I'm specifically referring to being in an academic or academic like setting in Hem/Onc.

Speaking of med school, I'm still in due diligence mode as I contemplate not only the cities of the schools contacting me, but the job opportunities I'm getting in some of those same cities too. Luckily my city girl attitude makes some cities better bets for me to consider than others and again, I feel very blessed to have these opportunities. Ultimately, we think we'd like to live in another area of the country since my 11 years here is the longest I've ever lived any place in my entire life! And in the spirit of stepping out on faith, I'm very particular to relocating to a city with numerous medical schools perhaps next summer while also applying to med schools in that city only, for the first year. If I'm not accepted, I'd apply to many more schools the following year.

And in funny as hell news, I was watching a show with female OB/Gyns on the OWN network and one of the featured stories was of a mixed race, bohemian couple having their first baby. Ol' girl decided she was NOT going to receive any pain meds in favor of "natural" birth (as if using meds, makes your birth alien like, roll eyes!!), and spoke adamently in an uppity kinda way against using meds during child birth. I said to myself, "uh huh, you gonna regret that decision REAL quick girlfriend". So lo and behold, she's in the throngs of labor and the entire time, her Doc is suggesting to her that she can take meds to ease her pain. She keeps saying no, until finally after hollering like a banshee for about 30 or so minutes, throws her hand up like a gangster throwing up a gang sign and screams to the doctor, "Just bring the $hit!!!!". I think I laughed for about 20 mins, because while she appeared to be well educated and NOT the type to scream obscenities, she just COMPLETELY lost it when those pains kicked in. Moral of the story, don't turn your nose up at ANYTHING before labor, LOL!!!! And EVERY birth is natural!!!!

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