Saturday, November 5, 2011

It's official, I'm now a permanent member of Pharma Psi Pharma, LOL!!!

So I'm now a permanent employee in "Big Pharma" and I must say it feels darn good to be official! I thought I'd be navigating my way through "banana peels" during this last week, but it went well and without a hitch to boot! My 90 day eval was above average too!

In other work place news, I've now been put in charge of ALL our divisions' histology projects, I'll call it "A", with the interview killer now assigned to histology projects for another division, "B", of the company. What does that mean given the fact that we're both employees of division "A"? I'm thinking it means they're eventually gonna move her big, evil, arse to division "B", which I've heard is the most difficult of all the divisions to work for at our company. Oh well I really don't care, that may happen loooonnnnggg after I'm in med school anyway.

In bad news, we were unable to locate the dog/owner that bit my daughter, so we're off to the ER shortly to sit for the next 6 hours. What fun! Unfortunately, neither our local health department nor docs office keeps the first dose, so we have to get it at the ER. And did I mention we'll have to sit in the ER for the next 6 hours?

Have great weekend everyone!


  1. WOW glad you made it through. When I worked in Pharma research it was so much fun. The hours were long but then Merck outsourced several of their R&D things to the lab that I worked for. Digoxin was the drug at the time. Maaaannnnny moons ago. The thing that I missed the most is that there is sooooooooooo much money involved in BIG Pharma, It is allways a great job to have. Can be very stable when others are not. It can also provide several different types of opp's that other industries can't.

  2. Yay! Congrats .... and glad to hear that interview killer is going to be out of the picture to a degree. Now ... onto your med school applications!!!

  3. Awww Kris, the pressure, LOL!!! But I'm thinking I'll apply next summer unless I get really, really, REALLY encouraged to apply this year!