Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!!

Welcome to my 2012 blog!!! Yeah!

I spent New Year's Day at my new favorite hangout spot Wegman's, working on my Bioinformatics stuff. Yep, back on track with that again after getting word from a few Pathologists I know of in Pathology Informatics that having this training is going to put me way ahead of the curve in terms of where the field of Pathology is headed. That is unless Paths loose billing control of all the new laboratory methods evolving in the field (and the realization that money really is at the heart of damn near everything in the world is a little disconcerting). It's also going to open up new employment opportunities for me which I'd really like to add along side my work in histology/pathology. But finding a position like that may not be as easy as I'd like though I am aware of 1 opening at a local university which just so happens to also be recruiting me to apply their med school so yes, this is a no brainer, I plan to submit my app later today.

I've also started working on my list of schools to apply to and have some up with 5, with no DO schools on the list. Why you ask? Because having DO behind my name in Academia/Research is a disadvantage. Of course, having the letters "DO" is FAR better than NO doctoral level clinical training at all which is why if I'm not accepted the first year I apply, I'll include at least one DO school the following year. I'm also working on my personal statement which is a lot harder than I imagined it would be because I've got so much to say about how I came to be interested in a medical career.

In other more frivolous news, I'm going back and forth between purchasing another iTouch with more memory or getting an iPad. On the one hand, I wear bifocals (with OUT the lines thank you, LOL) so I can use a bigger screen to read from when I'm in the bed surfing the net. But the iPAd I want is $600 bucks and given all the other things I'm going to be investing in this year ( hellooooo med school apps, ordering 100 transcripts, ect), that I should probably go with the cheaper iTouch and call it a day. Plus I just spent almost a grand last summer on a laptop for my bioinformatics program (And yeah, I should have paid the additional $200 and gotten the Mac book, and no I don't think I'm going to EVER get over it!). So we'll see!

Let's see what else, Christmas vacation was pretty much a disaster as my Mother couldn't resist the temptation to make me feel like an idiot in front of family like she always does. So to those of you with great, respectful, positive relationships with your Mom's, cherish that because not everyone has it. Needless to say, I cut my vacation in half and came home to Maryland. I am planning a more fun, stress free visit to my relatives in NC either this month or next when my Mother will NOT be there. Shame it's that way, but it is what it is. Times like these I just wish my Dad was around because he and I were thick as thieves!

And on that "Mommy dearest" note, I'll end this post! Have a great week! :)


  1. Good luck with your personal statement! It is hard when you have more life experience to trim down everything you want to say so it fits into the word limit.

  2. It really is hard and thanks for the good luck wishes!