Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Thank you, but I'll stick with the "scripper scrapper"!!!

So my yearly review went so well today, that I had to look under the table to make sure there wasn't anyone else my Supv could have been talking to, lol!! As in the best. Review. I've. Ever. Received........Ever!!!! So when he (tried to) casually mention something about me becoming an MD/PhD or DVM/PhD one day, all I could was smile. REAL big since it appears he gets where I'm coming from. Or should I say where I'm going to. He just asked that I give him adequate notice, which I will.

There was also a LOT of talk of where my future at THIS company could go should I decide to stay, as in do your dissertation work here and be paid a full salary, stay. Now I've mentioned before a while ago about how many companies have special, usually unadvertised programs for helping their employees get PhD's and I think that's great. But I'm holding out for the "scripper scrapper" otherwise known as the stethoscope!!!