Friday, March 9, 2012

Walk away from the light, walk slowly away from the light!!!

So I've been VERY busy these days with work, family, and class. And in the course of my VERY busy life, I realize that I've come pretty close to mastering how to survive in big Pharma, a feat if you've been reading my blog for a while, I didn't really plan on achieving. But I'm clear that the reason I'm here (or there?) is to be trained for something bigger and better professionally speaking, down the road. And I'm also VERY clear that that "something" is med school.

Speaking of med school, I've got the first few paragraphs of my personal statement for med school done and for me, that's the hardest part. But it's so hard to avoid the cliche of med school personal statements, the "I became interested in medicine after me/my family member/ect. had a medical crisis and I become inspired", blah, blah, blah. But aren't those the kind of experiences which propels us to do other things in life, so why should medicine be any different? I think I've come up with something that's true to me and hopefully not to cliched but of course, I'm going to run it by a few people in the know to be on the safe side. OTOH, the easier of my personal statements, the one for grad study in Bioinformatics, is now done. Yeah me!

Anyhoo, I'm still bouncing back and forth in my mind between a clinical/research career via Pathology, Hospitalist medicine in an academic setting, or work as an Internist in an clinic which serves the underserved. And as I'm now FAR more mature about how things really work in professional settings and even better, how to play the "game" to win, I don't know if I could find long term career satisfaction in ANY ONE of those. But obviously I don't need to worry about that right now, LOL!!! However, I DO think Hospitalist medicine, followed by work with the underserved, could be a good combo!!!

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