Saturday, April 28, 2012

From what da' to why is it that?

New title for my quasi complaining/thought provoking posts, lol??

Why is it that:

1) I'm the ONLY one who can "smell" when the cat liter boxes need to be changed no matter what's in them?

2) Men complain about women being emotional when our "emotions" are a HUGE part of why their "needs" get met?

3) The Bovine I work with doesn't understand that there's more than one way to calculate the concentration of a substance?

4) Related to #3, why is it that I haven't suggested she b!tch slap herself with a Chemistry book yet, lol???

5) Many 20 something premeds think 40 something premeds are too old?

6) Many 40 something profs think 40 something premeds are too old?

7) I have more meds in my Mon-Sun pill box than my mother?

8) I thought twice covering my head with a hoodie while walked in my neighborhood earlier this chilly evening?

9) I've watched the movie Coma more than any other movie in my entire life??

10) And finally, why is it that this goal of med school followed by a career serving in an underserved hospital or clinic, gets stronger every day?

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