Saturday, May 5, 2012

Fill in and submit!

So I've officially started working on my AMCAS class of 2013 application, yeah me! But when you've attended as many schools as I have, it takes a long, long, LONG time to complete the entire application! As of now, I've completed all the sections I could that didn't require me filling in the schools/courses section, and I've saved that part for last. I'll have that section completed tomorrow so my transcript requests can go out on Monday. I'd already previously gathered info on addy's and costs of transcripts, so all I need to do is add the letters, complete the envelope, and mail! Yeah me!!

In case you're wondering why I hadn't been blogging this week, it was because I was a combo of borderline stressed out from my the "negative" aspects of my job and having GI "issues". Unfortunately, the former exaggerates the later, so I work REAL hard on keeping a positive attitude/outlook, however difficult that is on some days. Like the day my "SUPER secure" Supv accused me of being disloyal to my wonderful group and being confused about which group I'm in because I regularly hang out with SKD and his group. I mean really, are you serious? First of all, I didn't realize my movements were being watched so closely but given how close we all sit together, I don't have to think long about who he could have gotten that info from. But the most significant "stressor" this week, was the realization once again, that I'd observed a potentially clinical drug trial killing issue that my Pathologist Supv did not catch. Along those same lines, why is it that the last 2 Pathologists I've worked with feel/felt like they need to tell me I'm NOT a Pathologist, when I've worked with 2 of the best Pathologists in the world, and NEITHER EVER said anything close to that to me, LOL? Anyhoo, in spite of all that (or maybe because of it??), my week ended on a VERY high note and it was VERY hard for me not to "cabbage patch" myself out the door when I left work on Friday because I LOVE Science!!! :)

Finally, did anyone see last week's Grey's Anatomy? It was absolutely hilarious and between this show and Scandal which comes on afterwards, Thursday has become my must see TV night! And the fact that a Black woman created and produces BOTH shows gives it that extra "you go girl" ness!!

** I edited my earlier post about the situation which lead to my finding a potentially clinical trial changing finding because well, I'm hoping to get the hell out of this place ASAP and leave ALL of the foolishness behind me. And the internet ain't a secret!!


  1. Ugh the AMCAS application was such a pain for me because of the coursework portion. You have to literally list every class you have ever taken. But eventually you'll get through it and will feel that emotion of relief. But then it'll be on to the next thing, which will be secondary applications.

    Are you applying to DO programs as well? The application deadlines are much later than MD programs but you still want to get a head start on that if possible.

    As for Grey's Anatomy...I saw the last episode and loved it. I can't believe Keptner (sp) went through her interview the way she did. I was like WOW the entire time LOL. This season has been pretty good, in my opinion, and I'm so happy they got renewed for a 9th season. Hopefully all the characters will return. Needless to say, I can't wait for this Thursday. I'm thinking that Mere is pregnant. What do you think?


  2. Thanks for your comment V! I'm glad to hear they got renewed too! And yeah, I think Mere is preggars!

    As for DO programs, I'm probably not going to apply to any this year, but I haven't yet ruled it our either. I'll also be submitting my app in early June, then sitting back and letting God do his thang, as I work on secondary apps, LOL!!

  3. Hey girl...
    Glad to hear about your progress. Yeah I was just thinking God please help me with AMCAS. What a pain....Anyway, I love Grey's...It is and has been my favorite show for about 3 years now. Also I never thought Mere was anything beyond sick with the stomach virus. Wow... that makes sense now. Did you complete you personal statement? I have so much to really collaborate to complete mine. Planning to finally tackle the MCAT in summer 2013. I hope to take it only once as I feel like my youth is so valuable, I don't want to waste any more time.LOL LOL....(40's talking)... you know.....

  4. Hey njdr2b, my apologies for the super late response! I finished my personal statement a while back but I haven't looked at it recently to double check for errors!! I guess I should do that ASAP since I'm already delayed with filling out my AMCAS application! And I'm sure you'll do fine on the MCAT just don't forget that the it's changed beginning in 2013, but I don't know how it's changed.