Saturday, May 26, 2012

Another case of "I told you so"

So once again, I'm going to violate my own rules about never blogging about my current place of employment, but I always find it surprisingly strange when my predictions come true. You may remember me mentioning SKD rescinding his offere to write letters of recc for me recently and me saying that it probably meant some $hit was about to hit the fan. Well the $hit turned out to be a final written warning from my insecure Supv that "any further violations of company policy would result in my immediate termination". And my response to him, his Supv, and the HR rep present when I received it was that my final warning read like the first page of the 101 stereotypes of black women handbook. And yes, I. Did. Say. Those. EXACT. Words, in front of ALL of them. Yeah.

Now when most people get their final warnings, it's AFTER having received on before that. But the last written document I have from Mr. Insecure was one of the best evals I'd ever received in my entire 20+ year career. So somewhere between January of this year and May, I decided to be the big pharma's version of a character from the TV show Basketball Wives. And that ends my talk about the gig from hell. NEXT!!!

I've been given an internship to do Perl scripting for a major company starting in July though some contacts I have in the Computer Science world. But I'm still waiting to hear back about the bioinformatics fellowship, so I'm gonna think things through before rushing to make a decision and focus on how blessed I am to have options. I'm now thinking about taking about a month off (and telling the folks I work with now to kiss where the sun don't shine) so I can fine tune my computer programming skills. That way with either gig, I could really hit the ground running!!

Obviously, all this craziness has temporarily brought my med school app process to a halt, but has also reinforced that med school dream. Not that I needed ANY more reinforcement that I'm not even close to being in the place God wants me to be!!

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