Sunday, May 20, 2012

The sun ALWAYS comes out tomorrow!

Isn't it odd that the most beautiful days seem to always come after a bad storm?

It's so easy to focus on the bad things in your life at the expense of all the wonderful things and my life last week is NO exception. In the muck and mire of bad news, I completely forgot to mention the lab management position I was asked to interview for at another company in the area because to be honest, I really was trying to get OUT of the lab. But I'm going to set up an interview for it ASAP because I don't have a good feeling about where I am now. I'm also going to accept the fact that this bouncing around from gig to gig may very well be my life until I go back to school full-time. And for 20K more in salary, I'll gladly bounce around with my well formed methods of dealing with royal a-holes. But what I won't learn for the umpteenth time is not to trust ANYONE I work with........

Lessons learned, now on to my wonderfully bright future!!!


  1. You know I wonder if this is God's way of showing us His will in regards to our career paths. I am in the same boat as you because I am looking to move from my current position that I just got 5 months ago to something better. However, like you, I finally admitted to myself weeks ago that I will not ever be truly happy working anywhere until I become a doctor.

    I guess if God would allow us to get comfortable in our work positions and life, then we might not pursue medical school. I know my current work situation and looking for a better position keeps a fire lit under me to attend medical school.

    1. Having thought a LOT about issues of where I want to be versus where I am, I still come away feeling that even these places where we are basically bidding time until med school, can be places where we can learn very valuable lessons.

      But I certainly agree, that if we were comfortable where we are now, the impetus to attend med school would probably be nonexistent.

      So hang in there ftrybfMD and good luck finding your new gig!!!