Monday, May 14, 2012

Chronic illness and medical school

Up until a few years ago, I'd never given much thought to attending med school while having to deal with anything other than asthma. But these past few weeks when I've been seriously under the weather thanks to IBS, have me thinking about ways to manage my health and the impending stress of med school. So I've been surfing the net for stories about those who've successfully dealt with chronic illnesses while in medical school, but when having these thoughts, I'm immediately reminded of a young man I met while I was in grad school whom had sickle cell anemia yet finished med school ON TIME. Then I think about the couple of cancer patients I've read about who went through med school. Finally, I remind myself that if there's a will, there's a way, then make myself think about something more positive.

Speaking of more positive, I've submitted my apps for adjunct teaching positions at local colleges and universities and I'm VERY excited about the prospects. One school required a teaching statement and it was fun to reflect on how I went from a science major flunk out to having 3 degrees in the sciences. But it's also why I feel more qualified than most to teach because I know the pitfalls to avoid, but more than that, I can communicate what it takes to rise from the ashes to excellence because I've had to DO IT before.

Of course all that work on job apps means I haven't done anything with my med school apps but that's okay for now. A more realistic goal is for me to not go into June needing to complete the app and that seems resonable even though I'm planning to go on another mini vacay before June.

And in a serious turn in terms of what I'm going to blog about in the future, I'm going to do my best to refrain from saying anything else about my current gig. Ya'll know what is it by now and since it's not going to change until I move to another group, I've just decided to move on in my mind and wait for my "body" to catch up later!!!

And in memory of my last post regarding my current gig, I leave you with the following video and your imagination:

PS: The iPad SUCKS for blogging!! URGH!!!

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