Friday, May 18, 2012

From rain, to typhoons!!!

So where do I begin? Despite what I said in my last post about NOT talking about my current gig, I'm going to talk about it anyway, lol!! And I'll start with the fact that SKG, the man on my current gig whom I thought was my mentor, and whom I asked for letters of reccomendation for med school, grad school, and another gig, has suddenly an "unexplicably" retracted his decision to help me at all. And this pretty much means that the comment I made about hoping I wouldn't get messed over when I first mentioned that I had gone to him for help, has come to pass. Now I have NO IDEA what happened or what changed, but what I do know is that he's clearly sold me out, to Mr. Insecure, at least that's what my gut is telling me. In fact, things are starting to feel a LOT like they did when my black arse was bounced from the last private big Pharma company I worked for.

And what can I say, that I didnt KNOW before I started gig that this wasn't gonna work out long term?? Of course I knew it, because I blogged about it. Now there are those who say that there's a TON of power in words and I believe that but there's also a TON of power in avoiding place where you KNOW FOR DAMN SURE YOU'RE NEVER GOING TO BE HAPPY! EVER!!!

Okay enough with that and as the young folks say, it is what it is, so let's move on the other parts of my nightmare week. I had emergency oral surgery yesterday, so I missed 2 days in a VERY important work week. I also found out that my "middle child" is pretty ill ( she's 9 years old), so it's also been a very sad week. We haven't received the blood work back yet, but I just don't have a good feeling about this. She's lost some weight and has some GI issues too ( like mother, like cat I guess).

So I guess that ends my nightmare week, I just wish I could wake up and have it all be a dream..............

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