Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I told you so!

Now I'm not normally an "I told you so" kinda gal but since my relationship with my Supv seems to be in permanent gutter status, I'll say that AND "cabbage patch" around the net too, LOL!!

It turns out that the work Mr. Insecure told me was crap a few weeks ago ended up NOT being crap after all. And he had to literally EAT those words because the fact is that he doesn't have much skill in immunohistochemistry as he let on and which others are noticing BIG TIME. You see it was one thing for him to question MY calculations when we got what appeared to be erroneous results. But to then claim to "hate math" when he tried and failed to do the calculations himself is just ridiculous (and I don't think I've EVER met someone with his education level 2 doctorates, that couldn't so simple chemistry calculations)!!

So anyhoo, he gave me major attitude when I went to submit some data to him which in all honesty, only served to prove immature and unprofessional he is, LOL!! But I know that despite him being nasty, I have to work around his "issues" and get my work done and that included giving him the results I talked about on a recent previous post. But today was also a sort of breakthrough in my professional relationship with SKD which is just super! Hopefully this won't come back and bite me in the arse, but I asked SKD for a LOR for me for med school and to my surprise he agreed! Not only that, he's agreed to be a reference for me with new gigs I apply for and for the fellowship I've applied for to fund my MS in Bioinformatics. But he also said something that leads me to believe that one half of my employment nightmare may soon be over due to some other things (that I won't talk about in detail now) that may be coming down the pipeline in the next couple months.

Which is good news, though I feel like I;ve significantly helped myself by morphing into this always positive thinking, happy attitude person when I've felt negative forces like my Supv, trying unsuccessfully to pull me into situations that could cost me my job. But like my overly religious sister/cousin likes to say "the devil is a liar", so keeping that in mind has been a literal Godsend. I'm realizing more and more everyday that we really, REALLY do have positive power over negative forces in our lives if we simply keep our emotions in check, and maintain a positive attitude and demeanor. Now, NO ONE knows better than me how hard that can be at times, but the consequences of not doing so literally shortens people's lives (and paychecks). So when Mr. Insecure said to me today as I was walking in his office to give him my data "let me make this clear, you're going to work with the Bovine no matter what" (and NO, I don't know why he came off like that besides his being a b*tcha$$), I could immediately and with a smile respond with "absolutely, and I'm sure we're going to get great results working together as a team". The look on his sorry, trying to pick a fight face was priceless!!! And I feel strongly if I keep this up, I'll be VERY prepared for what lies ahead in med school and beyond!

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